Pantera fans are threatening the wrong band

Posted by on March 10, 2015

By now, the former singer of Nuclear Hellfrost (and Nuclear Hellfrost, for that matter) are a blip in the radar of metal news. The band’s former singer, Reece Eber, apologized for leaving a piece of paper with “fag” written on it on Dimebag Darrell’s grave, with an Instagram post saying he’d also spit on the grave and stole a pair of boots from it because he hated Dime’s former band Pantera. However, Pantera fans are nothing, if not loyal, and they took his action as an act of war. They’ve threatened both Eber and Nuclear Hellfrost, who quickly distanced themselves from Eber.

It turns out that Pantera fans are not only reactionary, but might not the best reading comprehension. Another band, the similarly-named Hellfrost, took to their own Facebook page to ask Pantera fans to stop threatening them. Along with the above image, they said the following:

Lately we have been receiving a lot of hate mail because people have been confusing us with Nuclear Hellfrost. We just want to clarify that we are not associated with them or the recent vandalism to Dimebag’s grave. Please share our post so we can clear things up.

While the post was dated the day after the controversy started (March 1), it’s unclear as to whether the band are still getting threats. Regardless, it would be a rash decision, and a pretty dumb one, for any Pantera fan to overreact. Thinking about the fact that Dime died at the hands of a mentally unstable Pantera fan should be enough for any fan to take a minute, think about it, and let any permutation of Nuclear Hellfrost, Hellfrost or Reece Eber to fade from their memory. If any of them want to create music that will bring them back to the public without negative connotations or craven press grabs, then lets hear about them that way.

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