Last week, Dave Brockie gave WRIR’s What The Fontaine the inside scoop on GWAR’s new guitarist/Cory Smoot’s replacement. In addition to revealing the guitarist’s identity (Cannabis Corpse/Antietam 1862’s Brent Purgason), he also revealed the new Scumdog’s backstory, along with the revelation that multiple guitarists will appear on the new GWAR album (as part of the “Maximus Clan”). It seemed a little weird at the time that Brockie would leak such enormous information out before releasing an official press release. Well as it turns out, Oderus Urungus (Brockie’s stage persona) isn’t too happy about the leak.

In an amusing rant via his Twitter account, Oderus made it known that he is unhappy with his “human slave” Brockie for spreading lies (though slowly admitting that most of it was true), saying:

“I don’t know who the hell Brockie thinks he is running his mouth about our new Scumdog but I can tell you this…it’s all lies! Pustulus Maximus? Covered in acne? No, no. He is the most repulsive of the entire Maximus clan. Blue face. Bad acne. NASTY. Shreds though.

It is true that we have had members of the Maximus clan here in our studio, laying tracks on the new album…the Maximus clan is vast… Infecticus, Bubonis, Fartacus, and yes, even Pustulus Maximus were here, laying down killer riffs for our new album. And I suppose it is true that I might not be as ‘up’ on the current members as I would like to be. It took two years to learn Jizmaks name!

But I can’t believe these respected metal sites, known for the quality of their journalism and their unswerving personal ethic would take the words of a lowly GWAR slave on a local RADIO show as the truth, without even consulting me!

Even if everything was true! Our new Scumdog will debut on the Fate or Chaos’ tour, NOT the mini-Sep. And I’m pretty sure he wasn’t at the GWAR-B-Q even though I might have said he was..anybody get what’s going on here yet?”

So in short, this is GWAR’s humorous way of confirming Brockie’s slip while also downplaying it in anticipation of the actual official announcement. In other words, more is surely to be revealed soon.

[by way of The PRP]