Last night, not even an hour after finding out Gojira and Nile dropped off of 70000tons of Metal, we found out that one of the hardest working bands out there Ne Obliviscaris parted ways with bassist Brendan ‘Cygnus’ Brown. It wasn’t too long ago when we mentioned the band was one of our most anticipated albums for 2017, and recently reached the $10,000 mark on their patreon page. Everything seemed to be going well for the group, which makes Cygnus’ departure shocking.

The band posted the following statement on their facebook page:

After much deliberation we have decided to part ways with our bassist, Brendan ‘Cygnus’ Brown due to irreconcilable personal differences.

We know this will come as a shock to our fans. Brendan has been a big part of this band for many years, and it’s a decision that has not been taken lightly.

We will still be moving forward with recording our new album in the first half of 2017 as planned, and are looking forward to getting back on the road to perform for you all later this year with a new bassist on board.


While looking at this sudden news, we decided to see what the fans had to say via the comment section and noticed we weren’t the only one’s who noticed a few allegations. And while nothing has been confirmed by the band, we’re sharing the below comments. Hopefully the band will make a further statement clarifying the reason for his departure.