Mayhem to perform with former singer ‘Maniac’ in Sweden Rock Fest

Posted by on March 18, 2016

maniacmayhem2016_638If you have seen The True Mayhem in the past 10 years, you would recognize their frontman Attila Csihar in a heartbeat, but if you know your black metal, you know that there were many other singers fronting the Norwegian band and one of the most infamous ones they had was Maniac. After more than a decade of absence from the band, it seems like Maniac will be back with Mayhem to perform a very special show.

The Norwegian black metal band  will bring back their former vocalist Maniac for a Scandinavian-exclusive one-off appearance at Sweden Rock Festival this year. If you’re not familiar with Maniac as a frontman of Mayhem, he was known for performing severe self-mutilation while on stage to the point of getting hospitalized several times, developing extreme stage fright. Maniac left the band after becoming a prey of alcoholism affecting his time to focus on the band.

If you want to see Mayhem with Maniac, we recommend booking your flight to Sweden as soon as possible, just don’t expect to see the same sort of shows as those back in the days but we’re sure it’ll still be a very intense experience.


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