Mastodon reveal title for new album

Posted by on April 4, 2014


Excited for a new Mastodon album? Of course you are. So you’ll be even more excited to know that in a chat with Paste Magazine, the band has revealed that their upcoming sixth album will be titled Once More Around The Sun. Troy Sanders commented on the album’s title:

“The idea was generated before we recorded the title track on the record, but the title was thought up many months ago. After we finished the two-year touring cycle on our last record, The Hunter, we were kind of gearing up to go back to our rehearsal space in Atlanta. And we were starting the effort, the time, the blood, the energy, the months of driving, the recording and the long process between recording and the release day.

In a nutshell: we’re fortunate enough to do this again, but there’s this feeling of this yearly cycle. It’s not a bad thing. We get to go tour a bunch, we get to record a bunch of songs we love. It’s embracing the positive—the wonderful side, to be able to have the same four dudes who love doing what we do so much. And like anything in the Mastodon world, it’s open to interpretation.”

Sanders also commented on the possibility of following up the album with an EP:

“We didn’t want a 90-minute album. We like to record around the 60-minute mark. That’s what our favorite records are. We’re in love with all 15 of [the songs], so they might all see the light of day in some platform or another.”

Let’s hope they do; any new Mastodon is good Mastodon in our opinion. A number of track names were mentioned as well, so while this isn’t an official track list, these are the names of songs we might hear when Once More Around The Sun is released.

“Once More Round The Sun“
“High Road“
“Tread Lightly“
“Buzzard’s Guts“
“Scent Of Bitter Almonds“
“Aunt Lisa“
“Ember City“
“Cold Dark Place“
“Northside Star“
“The Weight“
“Diamonds In The Witch House” (feat. Scott Kelly of Neurosis)

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