Machine Head push back “My Hands Are Empty” release

Posted by on November 2, 2020

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Machine Head previously teased the release of a new single dubbed, “My Hands Are Empty” for November 6th but have now pushed back the release date to November 13th citing COVID-19 as the reason. The band is holding true to putting out singles just as frontman Robb Flynn mentioned on “Mosh Talks With Beez“. Flynn goes on to explain that the music is done and the songs need to be heard now, not in a year or two.

“I’m all about dropping singles right now. I think an album will definitely show up, and some of these songs may end up on that album, but, to me, it’s all about just a constant stream of music dropping all the time.

“We’re pretty slow with albums — it’s already been two and a half years since our last album [2018’s ‘Catharsis’] — so I just don’t wanna wait another year to get music out. The music’s here, the music’s done; a lot of the lyrics that I’ve written are very much now, and they need to be heard now, in this moment.

“I do a podcast, and I can record a podcast and have it up an hour later. That’s fucking crazy to me. I can finish a song and have it up six hours later on all the fucking digital service providers. That’s fucking amazing. Never in history have we been able to do something like that. And we need to do more of that, especially with songs that are written about this moment and these times. It’s important to put ’em out now, not a year and a half from now.”


Pre-order or pre-save “My Hands Are Empty” here and watch the teasers below!

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