Kittie’s Morgan and Mercedes Lander pay tribute to Trish Doan

Posted by on February 16, 2017

Earlier this week we found out about the sudden passing of Kittie bassist Trish Doan. The cause of her death remains unknown. While many loved her for her incredible stage presence, Doan has had some personal battles. Back in 2008, it was reported that she initially left Kittie due to an eating disorder and relocated to Australia in 2009. Before her death, Doan posted some dark content on her Twitter page, with the last link pointing to a fundraiser for a friend raising money to defeat depression. There’s also her page itself, with both the profile picture and wallpaper dark and her bio simply reading “bye.” 

Bandmates Morgan and Mercedes Lander have both shared their grief on their personal Instagram accounts



I have been struggling with the right words and having trouble processing the loss of someone who I counted among my best friends. Thank you to everyone for reaching out, your kind words, stories and photos. She was truly loved more than we all could ever know. From the moment I met Trish there was an instant bond between us that I could never really explain. Perhaps we saw within each other many of the things that were reflected within ourselves; qualities that made us intrinsically who we are, and we clung to that dearly. I think she also looked up to me a great deal, and I appreciated the responsibility of what that meant as a friend. We grew up together to become better people than who we once were and through everything she and I always remained very close, part of the support system we both needed. I loved her like a sister and she was a part of my family, now forever changed. She with her boundless energy, 10,000 ideas and a fiery, vibrant light that could never be extinguished, even now. I love you Trish and I miss you.

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I have good neighbors

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Tributes in Doan’s honor have been made, highlighting her career with Kittie:

We found old fan footage from Doan’s live debut performance with Kittie from 2005:


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