King Diamond plays with no makeup in Milwaukee

Posted by on July 10, 2015

There are events in life that can’t be missed, like New Horizons spacecraft’s flyby close to former planet Pluto; or Emperor’s reunion shows back in 2014 performing In The Nightside Eclipse in its entirety; but a few days ago, another rare event happened: King Diamond performing without makeup.

Last Wednesday, the King was forced to perform without his iconic makeup at the at The Rave in Milwaukee during the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival tour, due to a severe eye infection which required prescribed medication to treat and his doctor advised him to avoid the use of makeup. A post from the Facebook page reads:

Fortunately there was no negative feedback from this, judging by how absolutely insanely amazing the audience responded to our show. It was so good to be back playing for you all! Stay heavy!

The Rave have a photo gallery from the event where you can check out how the concert went and how the King looks when he’s at home, but here are the pictures we like the most:

King-Diamond-No-Makeup1 King-Diamond-No-Makeup2 King-Diamond-No-Makeup3 King-Diamond-No-Makeup4


[Photos by Alexander Stafford]

You can also see some footage of the show where you can appreciate the unicorn-like event and it’s a bit weird to see him on stage without his black and white face.


[via loudwire.com]

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