Judas Priest recording new album

Posted by on April 19, 2016

priest2014We like when bands can keep their word because then we don’t look dumb when reporting on it. For example, Judas Priest saying they were looking to record a new album this year when it happened to be true. In tradition of sharing big news in social media, Judas Priest recently posted a new photo of them in the studio working on the follow up to 2014’s Redeemer of Souls.

During a recent interview conducted by Full Metal Jackie, legend Rob Halford explained the plans for this year’s new record:

“We finished [the ‘Redeemer Of Souls’] tour, this big world tour, just before the holidays in December, and we’re about to start writing sessions pretty much now. And that’s great. Oh, man, I can’t wait to get into the writing zone again. That, to me, [is] one of the most thrilling moments for me personally in PRIEST. You go into a room with some amps, and turn the amps on, start riffing and boom, you could have another amazing PRIEST song by the end of the day. I love that part of being in PRIEST. So that’s the next step — writing sessions, get some really good, solid PRIEST material ready, and then, you know, Scott [Travis, drums] and Ian [Hill, bass] come in and we jam and we start putting the songs together. Like always, it’ll be ready when it’s ready, but there was already an extraordinary amount of ideas collected throughout that tour. So I’m optimistic that we should have something ready by… probably not by the end of this year, but definitely by the early part of next year.”

Of course, it’s too early to tell when are we going to get our hands on a new Priest record but we’re thinking the album might be hitting the shelves either by the end of the year or early 2017. Meanwhile, you can still get a sort of new release with the DVD/CD Battle Cry featuring their live performance at Wacken 2015.

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