Jesse Leach on Times of Grace: ‘The future is unwritten with that project’

Posted by on May 1, 2014

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Before Jesse Leach rejoined Killswitch Engage as lead singer, he had a project with the band’s guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz called Times of Grace, which released its debut album back at the beginning of 2011. Since that time, both Leach and Dutkiewicz have been on tour with KSE and have put out a new album with the band. So what’s the future for Time of Grace? Leach commented on the project in a video answering fan questions which is posted to his Youtube account:

“Obviously right now it’s on a pretty big hiatus because of Killswitch. But we’re definitely moving forward with it. I know that there were about three songs that Adam said he’s got in the works, which I believe were leaning towards the more acousticy, bluesy side of things. We talked about moving forward and doing that. Sort of getting away from the typical sound that people expect from us, and pushing ourselves in a different direction. So maybe do some acousticy stuff, and then do some more… songs like “End Of Eternity” or “End Of Days” where it’s a little more epic and slower with ‘post metal’ undertones to it. The future is unwritten with that project, but it’s still something that Adam [and I] have in our hearts and our minds.”

KSE has obviously been busy with touring in support of Disarm The Descent, but maybe this is a project to tinker with when that’s all said and done. You can watch the full video below:


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