Insect Warfare are back, announce appearance at Obscene Extreme 2016

Posted by on January 21, 2016

Grindcore is a genre that only some can find an appeal on but some bands transcend the barriers of styles and make a dent on the extreme metal scene. Insect Warfare was one of the best American acts of the genres in the mid 2000’s before they disbanded in 2009 and many have cried for their return. Those cries have been answered and the band announced their return to the stages on 2016.

The trio will pick up their pissed off punk attitude and will perform at Czech Republic’s Obscene Extreme Festival this coming July, along with Rotten Sound, Sodom and many others. The festival posted the following regarding the reunion:

Our most wildest dreams have been heard and the grindcore machine from Texas is back!!! INSECT WARFARE!!!

Thousands of grinders all over the world have been waiting for this moment for many years and now it is here! An exclusive show at Obscene Extreme fest and a comeback we have been impatiently waiting for!!!

INSECT WARFARE will crush the Trutnov Battlefield with a power of grind hurricane!!! Precise riffs, intense cyclone. We are expecting nothing less!!! This band has ruled the world with their ingenious album “World Extermination” that brought an awesome portion of totally devastating music!!!

Uargh! You just cannot miss that!!! Our enthusiasm knows no limits!!! Where is July?

Sure, Czech Republic is far from America and we can only hope they announce some dates here; hell, even a single date would be good enough but if you have the chance to go to Europe and catch them and the rest of the amazing lineup, we suggest you do that. Take a look at the rest of the bands announced so far for the festival.

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