In Flames finally announce new album via “hacked” website

Posted by on April 11, 2014

In flames

In Flames have apparently thrown us for a loop. Yesterday, it was reported that the band’s website had been hacked with the “hackers” threatening to leak information at 6AM this morning. Well, it turns out the site wasn’t hacked at all since the “leak” turned out to be the announcement for In Flames’ next studio album. If you go onto the website now, you’ll find a link you can click for info which turns into a short video revealing the album.

So, it looks like In Flames’ eleventh album will be titled Siren Charms and it’ll be out in September. Also, it looks like the band might have switched labels since the logo for Epic can be found on the site rather than Century Media, although it’s unknown if they’ve joined the label’s American roster. In any case, the incessant teasing has finally come to a (jester) head, so we expect to see more updates in the near future.

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