Hockey player unveils another Iron Maiden-related mask

Posted by on August 4, 2014

eddiechrismasonA few years ago, we wrote about goalie Chris Mason, who played hockey for the Winnipeg Jets and did so with a pretty awesome Iron Maiden-inspired goalie mask. Mason isn’t playing for the Jets any more, or the Nashville Predators, where he also donned an Eddie-related mask, but he’s still playing hockey, this time for the DEL (or the German Elite League), and for the third time in a row, he’ll be wearing a goalie mask festooned  with Iron Maiden’s mascot.

Designed again by Steve Nash of eyecandyair, the mask features two version of Eddie, both from the Derek Riggs era. One of them is a little-seen design of the mascot inspired by the cover of Riggs’ book, Run for Cover, the last oil-based painting Riggs did of Eddie. The other is inspired by “The Trooper,” with a German flag in place of the Union Jack he has normally.

It’s always awesome to have sports and metal collide, and given how many metal fans and bands come from Germany, we’re sure Mason is already a fan favorite. We’re also pretty sure both Mason and Nash have signed the petition to reinstate Riggs.

















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