Here’s what happened with that Mastodon EP

Posted by on May 4, 2016

MastodonTomorrow (5) Mastodon will play their only scheduled show in the United States this year as they hit Philadelphia’s Electric Factory with The Dillinger Escape Plan for a one-off show as part of the Craft Brewers Conference. To help pump up the show, Brann Dailor called into Philly’s rock station, WMMR to chat about the band’s connection to Philly, the show, and what will become the next album. When we interviewed them back in 2014 when Once More ‘Round the Sun was released, Brann told us there was an EP in the works that would consist of slower, more moody songs, calling it a “winter warmer.” Yet here we are, over two years after the album’s release and no EP. It turns out that some of those songs made their way to what will become the band’s nest record:

“At the moment, it’s just a ton of riffs, and they’re kind of starting to form songs now, so we kind of have a… And we have some stuff that didn’t make the last record, and not because it wasn’t awesome, but it just didn’t fit the vibe of the stuff we had more of. And we were gonna do this winter EP thing, but that material’s kind of morphed into more than just that, so I think it’ll warrant a full album release. So we have that stuff, and then we have a whole new crop of songs. We have a lot of material, so we have to whittle it down at the moment. And we’re still just kind of experimenting. We go over to Bill‘s basement and sit down there and riff out, and throw everything up against the wall and see what sticks.”

So the next Mastodon album could be a little more slow and moody then? Ok, we’re listening…



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