Former Lostprophets singer’s ex charged with possession of child pornography

Posted by on March 5, 2014

The disturbing and unsettling saga of former Lostprophets frontman Ian Watkins, who’s currently in jail for 35 years on charges including attempted rape of a baby, continues on. Joanna “Majic,” Mjadzelics a former prostitute, had a two year relationship with Watkins that she called off after finding out that he had sexual fantasies about children. She’d claimed that she’d told authorities about him but they’d refused to investigate it. Well, now she’s been charged with seven counts of possessing and distributing indecent images of children. According to Walesonline, Mjadzelics is charged with four counts of possession of an indecent image, two counts of distributing an indecent image and one count of encouraging another to distribute an indecent image.

It’s not said what the images were, but Walesonline says that they’re the second most serious of charges. The charges against Mjadzelics were found as the result of an ongoing investigation against Watkins and his criminal activities. It’s not known how long she might go to jail if found guilty, but she’ll be in court on March 21 to face the charges against her.

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