Don’t worry, Foo Fighters aren’t breaking up, and here’s video to prove it

Posted by on March 2, 2016

Foo Fighters not breaking up24 hours ago, the Foo Fighters promised they would be making a “band” announcement, just as rumors about them possibly breaking up started to spread amongst media outlets. Then a few hours before said announcement was slated to be made, video of drummer Taylor Hawkins “confirming” that they were taking an indefinite hiatus was posted online. Well, even if they are taking a hiatus, it isn’t indefinite… as the video above proves.

That said announcement turned out to be in the form of a video showing Dave Grohl “pursuing” a solo career with longtime producer Butch Vig, while the remaining members of Foo Fighters work on finding a new frontman. At the end of the video, however, text appears on screen saying “FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME, WE’RE NOT BREAKING UP. AND NOBODY’S GOING FUCKING SOLO!”

So in other words, Dave Grohl and co. just trolled the hell out of the media. And from the looks of it they made the video pretty fast, as the clip starts with screen shots of news stories about the rumored breakup from the past day (congrats Metal Injection, you made it into the video!). They even included that video of Hawkins saying the band was taking a break, you know the one that was literally posted hours ago. So while the band may be taking an extended break from the studio and road (as they’ve done before), the Foo Fighters make one thing very clear: THEY AREN’T BREAKING UP.

Watch the video for yourself below, and take solace in knowing that the band are still going to be around for quite some time.


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