Does Avenged Sevenfold have even more new music coming?

Posted by on November 1, 2016


Remember when Chris Jericho said that Avenged Sevenfold were coming out with an album called Voltaic Oceans on December 9th? Then on his podcast he explained that he purposely leaked a false release date just to throw people of the scent? This might be another red herring, but some internet sleuthing has found a few things suggesting they might have some more music out before the end of the year.

If you go to the band’s web store, you’ll see a skull. The skull’s right eye features an image of the album’s artwork. The left eye, however, has a totally different image. Is it artwork from another release? Could be – no one’s saying. Even more of a dead giveaway that perhaps something is coming comes from the band’s performance last week on the Capitol Records building. When playing The Stage‘s title track, just after 2:45, you hear an almost subliminal voice say “Voltaic Oceans on December 9th.”

Also, on the Jericho podcast, M. Shadows said that there are more songs that may be added to the album, suggesting that like Kanye’s The Life of Pablo, that the album wasn’t complete yet and would be worked on.

“This record is evolving. There are things we’re going to be adding to the record as time goes on, and it’s still going to be part of the record. We don’t want to give out what those songs are, but we have about seven more tracks that will be added on to this as time goes on.”

Do all these things add up to anything? Maybe, but perhaps not. At least the conspiracy theories are sparking a lot of conversation on Reddit, which has it’s own thread. It doesn’t help that the deathbot is spouting off a bunch of stuff about “singularity.”

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