The metal community was saddened last year to find out that legendary vocalist and inventor of the metal horns (sorry Gene) Ronnie James Dio was suffering from stomach cancer. Thankfully, the 67 year-old seems as spry as ever. Currently receiving chemotherapy in Houston, Dio and his wife sat down for an interview with local TV station KIAH-TV, where he stated the following:

“This hasn’t really been a problem for me. Cancer, I’ll kick the hell out of you.”

As if we needed any more reasons to love the guy. I’ve gotta take issue with the reporter that says he has a “tough guy persona” onstage. Listen dude, Dio’s a rock star, but he never acts tough, even if he’s in a metal band. In fact, he talks to the audience as opposed to yelling at them, treating them like equals. I’m pretty sure the heaviest thing reporter Steve Simon listens to is Train. Would it be out of hand to hope he gets hit by one?