Devin Townsend Focused on Second Ziltoid Album

Posted by on June 3, 2013

Extraterrestrial being Ziltoid is still in search of the perfect cup of coffee, and his tale will continue in a second Ziltoid album, currently referred to simply as Z2. For those not in the know, Ziltoid the Omniscient is a concept album/rock opera released in 2007 by musical mastermind Devin Townsend that follows the alien known as Ziltoid, from the planet Ziltoidia 9, and his war with planet Earth, incited by a cup of less-than-stellar coffee.

Initially, Devin was apprehensive about releasing a second Ziltoid effort, as evidenced in this quote from a 2011 interview with Metal Sucks:

“I’m very rapidly realizing that humor and metal… it doesn’t really work.”

However, the Canadian musician has since changed his mind, and is currently at work on Z2 as well as a Ziltoid TV/web series, currently referred to as ZTV, which will feature a puppet version of Ziltoid interviewing various bands.

Devin’s new focus on Z2 and ZTV was revealed via a series of posts on his Twitter:

“So Casualties is one solid month from being ‘put to bed’ …as a result of it’s nature presenting itself recently, I am now cleared for Z2! As projects appear and take hold of me, they infect each other until they’re actualized. Casualties has been haunting me for 2 years Its frustrating to some that I can’t turn it off and on like a tap, but If I’m resonating with a certain frequency, it’s essential to finish

As a result, each project is ‘pure’ in my mind. Ziltoid is now not hindered by thoughts of Epicloud or Casualties. Thats how she rolls, = ) AND ZTV starts filming in a month and a half! THAT is going to rock your world… anyways, later… d”

With the prolific musician now fully focused on development of various Ziltoidian projects after finishing work on upcoming album Causalities of Cool, fans can hopefully expect more info soon to come. For now, make sure to keep that coffee fresh to avoid warfare with alien races.



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