Dave Ellefson reveals Megadeth working on new material, still in demo stage

Posted by on June 17, 2014

Following the unfortunate passing of the brother of bassist Dave Ellefson, Eliot, Megadeth’s immediate future seemed put on hold as they canceled their US tour. Now it seems that Megadeth has started working on material for a follow up to 2013’s Super Collider, reports HenneMusic. Posted on his Facebook page, David Ellefson shows pictures of Dave [Mustaine] and himself “having fun, just throwing it down and keeping it chill.”

The full post reads:

“Dave and I are in the studio this week in California working up some of the new riffs. We’re having fun, just throwing it down and keeping it chill. These are essentially writing demos at this point so just grinding out the tunes like a metal band should. More to come….”


It’s safe to say that Megadeth is not done, and they’re back to working, writing and touring on the “Killing Road.”

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