Chris Cornell’s unintentionally morbid last music video pulled from online

Posted by on June 13, 2017

Have you seen the video for Chris Cornell’s 2015 single “Nearly Forgot my Broken Heart?” If you haven’t, then it’s likely you might never see it again, as it’s been erased from the internet. While there’s no official reason why it’s no longer available, the clip eerily depicts a noose being placed around Cornell’s neck in the western-themed video. Here’s how Alternative Press described the clip:

The video stars Cornell and Eric Roberts playing prisoners about to be hanged in an old western town. Cornell marches towards the noose and it is placed around his neck, as a young boy, played by Cornell’s son Christopher Cornell, watches. An onlooker (Elena Satine) distracts the hangman, Cornell’s noose is sabotaged by the executioner’s assistant so he survives his hanging, and he is forced into marriage with the woman who sabotaged his hanging. The video ends with the other prisoner about to be hanged and the onlooker about to play her part again.

AP reports that Cornell, acting as his own stuntman in the music video, wound up with second degree burns after a liquid chemical singed the noose, which was around his neck. The chemical wound up rubbing off on his neck. Cornell, of course, was found dead last month in a Detroit hotel, where he had hung himself. The lyric video for the song is still available online. Stereogum, which wrote about it back in 2015, has a picture from the video.

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