Chino Moreno can’t pay the bills if Deftones don’t tour

Posted by on February 8, 2016

chinoLife hasn’t been easy for the Deftones lately. Late last year we learned that their latest album release would have to be pushed back to November. And then, it was delayed again after one failed attempt at mixing and mastering. In January, guitarist Stephen Carpenter dropped the official release date: April 8th, and by now you’ve probably gotten a chance to listen to it’s first track, “Prayers/Triangles.” However, just because Deftones have been around for 20 years and they’re in the spotlight again doesn’t mean that riches come along with their fame.

In an interview with BBC Radio 6 host Mary Anne Hobbs today, Moreno dropped a bomb:

“I mean, even today, it’s, like, if we don’t tour for a good third of the year, we’re not gonna be able to pay our bills.”

It’s a solemn reminder that this is a hard industry to make it in. Moreno says it contests the rockstar stereotype, and “unless you’re Justin Bieber or Adele or somebody, honestly, I mean, you have to actually work to earn a living.” He also talked about his two sons, who are also musicians, saying he’s always encouraged them to take an interest in music- but has warned them they always need a backup plan.

Deftones’ latest release, Gore, drops April 8th via Warner Bros. Records.

It can be pre-ordered at [www.deftones.com]

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