Understandably so, the metal community has been concerned for guitarist Tony Iommi since it was revealed that he had been diagnosed with lymphoma. While the top priority is for Iommi to make a full recovery, there has been a little uncertainty over Black Sabbath’s future plans. Iommi himself stated in his first statement since the diagnosis that the original lineup was still working on their first album in 33 years together, but it remains unclear as to how the recent news will effect upcoming tour dates. Not helping matters is the rumor that Sabbath was supposed to headline Coachella.

However, according to The Pulse Of Radio, Black Sabbath are still at the very least still headlining this year’s Download Festival in Donington, UK on June 10. “I’ve been told that Black Sabbath are going to be playing Download. I don’t want people to worry unduly about that, we should all just send our thoughts and best wishes to Tony Iommi,” Download organizer Andy Copping supposedly told The Pulse Of Radio. However, it should be noted that confirmation from Black Sabbath or Iommi’s camp has yet to have been given.

If this turns out to be true, then it’s a good sign that Sabbath will move forward with their original plans and that Iommi could be recovering well. Whether any other of Sabbath’s previously announced European dates are still intact, though, is still unclear.