Black Sabbath have been playing for a while without their original drummer, Bill Ward, due to an immense list of differences, primarily between Ozzy Osbourne and himself, as they have continuously talked about the other in a seemingly neverending war of words.

Because all this beef has been aired out in public, Ward has demanded a public apology several times from the Prince of Darkness but, Ozzy won’t give in to his demands, as he has made clear already and that situation has made Ward ‘very sad:’

“I’m very, very sad by all the fan reactions and the way that things have split and gone different ways and everything else. It’s not nice at all to be in this position, and it’s not an easy responsibility for me to maintain when uncountable amounts of people are angry with my decision-making process.”

Ward is still hoping to sort things out with Ozzy and get back with the band, as he stated when asked if he’d still get behind the drums:

“It’s very sad, but I would love to. If we could get past everything, and everything else, I would love to be a part of it. You know, I love the guys. I mean, I still love Ozzy. Just because we have a disagreement, or there’s a disagreement on the table, I still love him very much.”

The band has plans to record one last album in 2016 but even then, the future of the band is uncertain so the chances of seeing the original lineup on stage are fading away even more as time passes. But, as we have seen in the past, things can change.


[via Metal Hammer]