bane-1422036564If you’re into hardcore from the mid 90’s, Bane must have been part of your bands blasting in your walkman but on that same note, they must have been a band you got saddened to find out they were going to break up after they released their 2014 album Don’t Wait Up. Fast forward to 2016 and you may have noticed the band have been doing a last farewell run but that may stop this year as the band announced, once again, one last farewell show.

The band originally planned to play their final show on April 18th in their hometown at The Palladium in Worcester, MA but apparently the show sold out so fast that they decided to add a second date the day before with the same lineup at the same place. The band posted the following about the addition:

“Due to the overwhelming response following our final show selling out as quickly as it did, we decided the best course of action was to book a second date. Giving kids who were shut out, another shot at being there.

Quite honestly this is not my favorite option. In no way am I looking forward to going through the emotional rollercoaster of having to say goodbye, to what has amounted to the best days of my life, for two fucking days in a row. Once feels overwhelming enough.

But the fact is, tickets for the 18th sold out much too fast. Kids on the west coast were barely awake by the time they were gone.

This was completely unexpected.

We scrambled to see if we could get the same venue and the same bands in hopes of giving every kid who wants to be there the chance. We got very lucky in both regards and decided adding this second show is the best solution.

Thank you to The Palladium and all the bands involved for allowing something like this to happen.

Kids are gonna view it how they are gonna view it and say what they wanna say. The amount of confusion and criticism surrounding the path, that we set out on over two years ago, has been a little exhausting.
This has been the plan all along. It never changed: Put out a final record, tour our asses off to support that record and say goodbye to as many places as possible, all of that culminating with a final US tour (that we are now on) and then one last hurrah in our home state of Massachusetts.

We worked harder than any of you will appreciate to make sure this final show was done right and would be something exciting that we could all step back and feel good about.

We pulled that off and now have been given the opportunity to allow another 2,000 kids to come say goodbye with us.

That is all this is.

The haters can now raise their voices and proudly show us how selfish, clueless and entitled some people in our community can be. It’s staggering to me, the way some of you never quite worked it out that Bane was always going to do whatever the fuck we wanted, and the closer we get to the end the less energy I have to take people by the hand and explain why we’ve done things the way we have these last couple years.

At this point, if I had my way, the weekend after these Palladium shows Bane would play a show at Hardcore Stadium in Boston for $5 where we play the demo front to back..just to see your expressions change. Just so kids can finally understand that we love you with love all our hearts, but are always going to do things in a way that feels right to us first.

For now we have added a second show on June 17th at the Palladium in Worcester, Massachusetts. We’d love for any of you who missed tickets for the 18th to come on out and be a part of this.

Tickets go on sale Friday, April 8th at noon eastern.

Simple as that.

Their final show will have Title Fight, Terror, Modern Life Is War, The Promise, Right Brigade, Cruel Hand, Rude Awakening opening but they still have a large set of dates with several other supporting acts right now which you can find listed below:

With Twitching Tongues:

04/06 Portland, OR – Analog Theater

With Burn, Twitching Tongues & Axis:

04/07 Santa Cruz, CA – The Catalyst

With Burn, Twitching Tongues, Axis & Ex-Youth:

04/08 Berkeley, CA – 924 Gilman

With Burn, Twitching Tongues & Axis:

04/09 Los Angeles, CA – Union

With Burn, Death By Stereo, Twitching Tongues & Axis:

04/10 Santa Ana, CA – The Observatory

With Burn, Death By Stereo& Axis:

04/13 Phoenix, AZ – The Nile (free show)

With Burn & Axis:

04/15 Dallas, TX – Club Dada
04/16 Austin, TX – Sidewinder
04/17 San Antonio, TX – Paper Tiger
04/18 Houston, TX – Walter’s

With Burn, Down To Nothing, Expire & Axis:

04/20 Tampa, FL – Local 662

With Down To Nothing & Expire:

04/21 Savannah, GA – Dollhouse
04/22 Atlanta, GA – Masquerade
04/23 Birmingham, AL – High Note Lounge
04/24 Nashville, TN – The End

With Grade, Expire & Malfunction:

04/26 Detroit, MI – Populux
04/27 Buffalo, NY – Waiting Room
04/28 Cleveland, OH – Now That’s Class
04/29 Chicago, IL – Beat Kitchen

04/30 Chicago, IL – TBA

With Expire & Malfunction:

05/01 Louisville, KY – The New Vintage
05/02 Columbus, OH – Ace of Cups

With Expire:

05/03 Pittsburgh, PA – Cattivo

With Boysetsfire, Expire & Give:

05/04 Washington, DC – DC9
05/05 Baltimore, MD – Otto Bar
05/06 Philadelphia, PA – First Unitarian Church

With Expire:

05/08 New York City, NY – Webster Hall (Marlin Room)