The hardcore, punk and metal communities were stunned yesterday when it came to light that Bad Brains guitarist  Gary “Dr. Know” Miller was on life support following an undisclosed illness. There’s still little known about what the 57 year-old has been stricken with, but there’s a bit of an update, as the band have officially weighed in on their guitarist’s health issues and Cro-Mags frontman Jon Joseph commented as well. First, we’ll go with what Bad Brains had to say via their Facebook page yesterday:

The Bad Brains family ask that you please keep Gary (Dr. Know) Miller in your thoughts and prayers. The family respectfully ask that their privacy be honored during this time and very much appreciate all the great energy that is being sent their way.

Positive vibes and PMA!

The outpouring of support from many, even before Bad Brains officially acknowledged their guitarist had taken ill, appears to have helped, as John Joseph suggested his condition was improving:

I have not responded to people asking of Bad Brains guitarist Dr. Know’s (Gary’s) condition because it’s not my place. The family needs to make those calls of who should be informed. That being said after seeing Doc in the hospital today I will say this…. he’s improving and he feels all the love, prayers and PMA you’ve been sending worldwide and so does his family who are all very grateful. Keep them prayers coming for one of the nicest people, greatest and humblest musicians to ever walk the earth and also be a big brother to so many.

While that’s not quite an update from a family member, it speaks to the cohesiveness and togetherness of the hardcore scene. If merely thinking positive thoughts would ever actually heal anyone, it would be Dr. Know. Here’s wishing and hoping for continued improvement.

[via Metal Injection]