Avenged Sevenfold’s Twitter account also hacked

Posted by on July 17, 2014

a7xhackWhile Mastodon’s Twitter account was only compromised for a little over 12 hours, that’s an eternity in Twitter time. It was obvious that Mastodon wasn’t behind the racist, homophobic and sophomoric tweets that populated the band’s site, but the fact that they didn’t act quicker made it seem like hacking collective Vv3 knew what they were doing. And while we don’t want to give their immature antics any credit, apparently they do know how to hack, as they briefly took over Avenged Sevenfold’s account as well, as documented by theprp. While things were quickly returned to normal, they tweeted to Mastodon and said that if they got trending, that they’d take over Justin Bieber’s account. Why not just start there, guys?

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