The  Southern Poverty Law Center announced that Apple has begun removing hate music from its iTunes store. This comes after the SPLC report which called out Apple for carrying many offensive albums.

Regrettably, there are some digital music services that still offer hate music:

“Retail giant Amazon continues to offer hate music from bands such as Skrewdriver, Max Resist and Brutal Attack, whose album “White Pride White Passion” is available for download. Skrewdriver’s “White Rider,” which features a mounted Klansman in full regalia on its cover, is also available. In the comment section, white nationalists enthusiastically praise the album and the fact that it is available on Amazon.”

Hatebreed, who were mistakingly labeled as a white power band by the Anti-Defamation League back in 2012, is still available in iTunes. There’s a little bit of a slippery slope here, in that there is absolutely a lot of hate music from bands like those listed above, but there’s other music out there that about people (Slayer’s “Angel of Death,” about Josef Mengele comes to mind) or satirical (anything by S.O.D.) that isn’t necessarily espousing hate or racial violence, but could be considered hateful. It’ll be interesting to see what filters they use, and what does wind up getting taken down.

(via Noisey)