The news came out that Anti-Mortem broke up yesterday, leaving us all scratching our heads. The Oklahoma band played a show less than a week ago, and they released their debut album with Nuclear Blast, New Southern, earlier this year. What happened?

Guitarist Zain Smith gave Metal Insider some more details about the recent break-up:

“Everything that happened runs really deep but I think musical interest changed and certain members wanted other things out of their music. Corey (Henderson) our bassist has a family home that loves and misses him and I understand him stepping away because they need him and he felt weird leaving his wife behind to do all the work financially while we tear up the road. The road is hard and most bands have trouble once touring starts. I love Corey to death and understand why he left. The romo brothers want to go a different way with their music as well and that’s understandable me and Levi are going to try and start something up as well please stay tuned for more updates on everything from me at least I’ve already got the ball rolling on some awesome things!”

Rather than find a new bassist, they’re splintering off into two new projects; vocalist Larado Romo and guitarist Nevada Romo are going to go a “different way,” and Smith and drummer Levi Dickerson will start something as well.