Akercocke reunite, release first new song in nine years

Posted by on April 25, 2016

akercocke-5065773f6438bMany moons ago, there was a British progressive band called Akercocke that got huge notoriety, not just for their great music, but for openly standing up for their rights to play in Belfast, Ireland despite protests from Christian groups and a strong police presence due to their anti-Christian lyrics. The band ceased to exist back in 2012 after a long time with no activity but it seems like that break is over and the band is getting ready to get back together and released a new song to prove their intentions.

The band released a brand new track last night on the BBC’s Radio 1 Rock Show titled “Inner Sanctum” making it the first new song we get to hear from the Brits in nine long years. There hasn’t been any official statement about the band’s plans but, at this point, we are just happy to see them getting together.

It’s not entirely clear if every member from their last-known lineup will be part of this reunion but, considering some have been working together in the band Voices, we can only hope that will be the case. Meanwhile, check out the brand new song below and await for more news to come.


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