Huntress’ Jill Janus falls victim to hackers, annoys Bowie fans

Posted by on January 14, 2016

It seems like every time Huntress frontwoman, Jill Janus, makes the headlines on the news, it’s for something bizarre happening. Janus has been victim of internet trolls for quite some, even stating them as a reasons she “quit” the band a few months ago (rejoining them a few hours after). This time around, she took to her Facebook account today, apologizing for a since-deleted post in which she said she didn’t give a shit about David Bowie and didn’t care about his death.

In the post, which went online last night, the person claiming to be Janus engaged with those that took the  bait, defending the anti-Bowie stance. While some backed her for unapologetically stating her opinion, she angered many Bowie fans, creating a backlash backlash. The post was deleted from her account with the following explanation:

jill janus bowie

If someone actually hacked her account, they chose the perfect current topic to stir controversy over Janus to cause her this much trouble. If this is what she has to deal with on a recurring basis, no wonder she decided to quit her band to get away from it, even though she changed her mind about it the same day.

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