It’s still a bit shocking to us that April 14 will mark the one year anniversary of Peter Steele’s death. To celebrate the life of the Type O Negative bassist/vocalist, will release a tribute album to Steele. Teaming up with Dan Mitchell of Beneath The Woods Studio, All For None, None For All: A Tribute to Peter Steele will feature twelve bands from around the world cover Type O Negative and Carnivore classics, and will be sold for a small fee via the website. The site’s content manager Ty Arthur had the following to say regarding the tribute album:

“Ideally, we wanted to give this tribute away for free and let it spread like wildfire, but when distributing cover songs there are licensing fees involved since the original compositions belong to the artist and/or label. This tribute is meant to honor Peter Steele and Type O Negative’s impact on his fans and the metal landscape. We do not intend to make a penny off of this release and any earnings we may have at the end of the day will be donated to charity.”

After viewing the track listing, which can be seen after the jump, we’re a little surprised that more well-known bands didn’t sign up to take part in this tribute.The Type O tribute we had in our mind included Crash Test Dummies, The National, and other bands with deep voiced singers recording Type O Negative covers just for shits and giggles, but we knew that was less likely to occur. However, this is still an impressive project considering that is basically compiling this by themselves. Plus, it’s simply nice to see Peter Steele getting paid homage to regardless.

More details regarding All For None, None For All: A Tribute to Peter Steele’s release are expected to be revealed soon. The album cover for the album can be seen above, while a trailer and the album’s track listing can be seen after the jump.



Track listing to All For None, None For All: A Tribute to Peter Steele:

Auvernia – “I Don’t Wanna Be Me”
Fairytale Abuse – “Black No. 1”
In.verno – “Everything Dies”
Dead Shape Figure – “Dead Again”
Revilement – “Sex and Violence”
Emancer – “Girlfriend’s Girlfriend”
A Band of Orcs – “Green Man”
Enthrope – “Wolf Moon”
Stabbingback – “Halloween in Heaven”
Dark Hound – “Life Is Killing Me”
Autumns Eyes – “Love You To Death”
Blind Greed – “Christian Woman”