Falling To Pieces Tap Special Guests For Tribute To Late Singer

Posted by on June 13, 2011

Back in November of last year, No Label Needed contest finalists Falling To Pieces experienced a personal tragedy. Their singer, Nicci DeSoto (Nicci D.), died in a motorcycle accident. The band was in the middle of preproduction for their new record before the accident occurred. Though Nicci had recorded some scratch records beforehand, there were still parts missing from the song.

Wanting to finish the record in honor of their late band mate, Falling To Pieces reached out to friends and musicians Nicci looked up to and asked if they’d be willing to help contribute to some of the missing vocal parts. In the end, the responses were overwhelming, with artists like Unearth’s Trevor Phipps, Bleeding Through’s Brandan Schieppati, and Divine Heresy’s Travis Neal contributing parts to the new album.

Falling To Pieces currently in the final mixing stages of Memoria in Aeterna, and are expecting to release it soon for free via fallingtopieces.net, reverbnation.com/fallingtopieces, and cdbaby.com. The band will also be holding a CD release listening party on July 9 at the Pine St. Bar and Grill in Livermore, CA. And if you’d like to support the project, there are memorial shirts for Nicci that are helping recoup the recording and duplication of the album available on the band’s website as well.

You can check out a brief preview of Memoria in Aeterna up top, while the track listing and rundown of guest appearances can be seen after the jump.

Here’s the track listing for Memoria in Aeterna:

1. Condemned

2. Elizabeth

3. Another Day For Hate

4. Memoria In Aeterna

5. After The Lifeless

6. 223


Here’s a list (in no particular order) of guest spots:

Derek Thompson – From The Fog, Weapon Status Red

Mike Gianelli – Dissipate

Brandan Schieppati – Bleeding Through

Josh Lease – Idekay

Jared Sloan – The Breathing Process

Eric Stewart – ex-Falling to Pieces, Weapon Status Red

Trevor Phipps – Unearth

Travis Neal – Divine Heresy

Ben Pena – The Venting Machine

Jeremy Epp – The Venting Machine, BlackGates

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