Andrew W.K. pays tribute to Dave Brockie

Posted by on March 27, 2014

gwarwkThe tributes continue to pour in for GWAR frontman Dave Brockie. And while much of the metal and hard rock community are talking about what GWAR and Brockie meant to them, not many  of them actually got to perform with the band. Andrew W.K. is one of them. The consummate partier, Mr. WK used his weekly column in The Village Voice to talk about what it was like to play with someone he grew up worshiping from afar. The whole column is worth reading, but here’s one of the passages that sums it up best, and goes for many that met him:

I’d never met anyone like Dave Brockie. He treated me with the most genuine warmth and inspired me to want to treat people with that level of kindness. Over the following years, my band and I got to play quite a few shows with GWAR. I did some very fun dual interviews with Dave. We talked. We had fun. I was always in awe of him — whether his Oderus outfit was on or not, I couldn’t help feeling star struck. All I hope is that people remember not just his incredible visionary work and contributions to rock music and culture in general, but also the amazing vibe he had as a person. One of the nicest people ever.

Dave Brockie taught me this: Never doubt your vision, because with enough energy and belief and kindness you can see it through.

The full article can be read here.

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