Watain forced to drop from tour with Mayhem and Midnight

Posted by on March 4, 2022


Unfortunately, Watain have been forced to drop from their tour with Mayhem and Midnight due to visa issues.


The band issued the following statement:

“We regret to inform you all that, due to reasons entirely beyond our control, we’re forced to cancel our participation in the upcoming US Tour with Mayhem and Midnight, for which we were due to leave tomorrow.

We have just been informed that the US Embassy have decided to launch an additional, undisclosed “administrative process”  in relation to Watain’s visa applications. We’ve been told that this investigation could go on for months and that we might not get a reply until the tour is over. Since we have not been given any additional information about why this is taking place, how long it’ll take, or if visas will eventually be approved, it leaves us with no choice but to pull out of the tour.

The same embassy has previously approved our working visa applications for every US tour, each of the 8 times we have applied.

Preparing for a tour like this takes an enormous amount of work by the band and our crew. The merch has been produced, ticket buyers have made plans, and the crew relies on the jobs that the tour provides. It is a devastating blow to any band, but to the authorities in charge it seems to hold no significance.

To our loyal fans and followers; we had truly been looking forward to stand before you all again. We invested all we had for this one.

We are working hard on setting things straight and our intention is to re-schedule the North American dates for early 2023.  Refunds are available at point of purchase.

Finally, we wish Mayhem and Midnight a killer tour regardless.



Mayhem has assured fans the tour will continue, stating:

“Regretfully, our brothers from Watain had Visa issues and have been forced to pull out from the upcoming tour. Mayhem and Midnight  is still very much on though, and will see you maniacs soon.”





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