W.A.S.P announce ‘1984 to Headless’ World 2020 Tour

Posted by on November 6, 2019

W.A.S.P has announced an epic tour for next year. Not only will the band celebrate their 1984 self-titled debut, the group will be commemorating their first four full-length records as they are set to perform the hits from each. We can only guess the setlist could include the following:

1984’s W.A.S.P:

 “I Wanna Be Somebody”

“L.O.V.E Machine”

“On Your Knees”


1985’s The Last Command:

“Wild Child”

“Blind In Texas”

“The Last Command”


1986’s Inside The Electric Circus:

“Inside The Electric Circus”

“I Don’t Need No Doctor” (Ray Charles cover)



1989’s The Headless Children:

“The Real Me” (The Who cover)

“The Headless Children” 



Tour Dates (so far):

09/15/2020 Malmo, Sweden

09/l6/2020 Gothenburg, Sweden

09/17/2020 Oslo, Norway

09/18/2020 Karlstad, Sweden

09/19/2020 Orebro, Sweden

09/20/2020 Husqvarna, Sweden

09/21/2020 Eskilstuna, Sweden

09/23/2020 Tampere, Finland

09/24/2020 Helsinki, Finland

09/25/2020 Oulu, Finland

09/26/2020 Sundsvall, Sweden

09/27/2020 Stockholm, Sweden

09/29/2020 Copenhagen, Denmark

09/30/2020 Eindhover, Netherlands

10/01/2020 Bristol, England

10/02/2020 London, England

10/03/2020 Nottingham, ENgland

10/04/2020 Newcastle, England

10/05/2020 Glasgow, Scotland

10/07/2020 Belfast, N. Ireland

10/08/2020 Dublin, Ireland

10/09/2020 Manchester, England

10/10/2020 Wolverhampton, England

10/11/2020 Leeds, England

10/13/2020 Norwich, England

10/15/2020 Coventry, England

10/18/2020 Saarbrucken, Germany

10/23/2020 Geiselwind, Germany

10/24/2020 Antwerp, Belgium

10/28/2020 Bilbao, Spain

10/29/2020 Murcia, Spain

10/30/2020 Madrid, Spain

11/04/2020 Padova, Italy

11/05/2020 Milan, Italy

11/06/2020 Lausanne, Switzerland


More dates will be added and for more information, check out their website.


Read W.A.S.P.’s official announcement via social media below:

“W.A.S.P. are proud to announce…

the “1984 TO HEADLESS” – 2020 WORLD TOUR

“1984 to Headless”, is the name of W.A.S.P.’s 2020 World Tour, and it is a celebration of “Hits from the Band’s First 4 Albums”!

The 1st Self-titled Album, that in some countries was called ‘Winged Assassins’, featuring songs from that now classic record, ‘I Wanna Be Somebody’ and ‘L.O.V.E. Machine’, to the 2nd Album: “The Last Command”, along with “Inside the Electric Circus”, to the iconic Masterpiece, “The Headless Children”.

These hits from the first 4 Albums have never been performed together, “LIVE”, as they will be in this most special show, and will NEVER BE REPEATED EVER AGAIN!!

So join us, as we take you BACK… To Where it All Started:… to “1984 to Headless”!!!

More dates to be added soon!”




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