The Party to the Apocalypse Tour has hit a few bumps in the road as Shadows Fall have been forced to cancel their next four tour dates. As you might have guesses, it’s due to drummer Jason Bittner’s current battle with acute pancreatitis, which now requires immediate medical attention.

Bittner had this to say in the following statement:

“For those who may not know- I was diagnosed last week with acute pancreatitis – for most of the last Shadows Fall tour I was in a lot of abdominal pain which I figured was either food poisoning or a stomach bug, unfortunately it turns out to be a little more serious than that. After a trip to the ER last Monday I received the diagnosis and some pain treatment. That being said it pains me to say that due to Doctor’s orders I am not cleared (nor do I even feel like I could pick up a stick) to begin touring until after I see the specialist and my blood work is back to normal, I apologize to the fans cause it kills me to not be there, but my health comes first and I need to recuperate in order to return 110%”

It’s a bummer to say the least, but maybe Shadows Fall can call a certain other drummer to fill in for Bittner should the necessity arise?

The cancelled dates are listen below:

Nov 8 – Fayetteville, NC, The Norva
Nov 9 – Jacksonville, NC, Hooligans
Nov 10 – Charleston, SC, Ground Zero
Nov 11 – Jacksonville, FL, The Roc Bar