Scott Vogel of Terror injured his back on stage

Posted by on June 15, 2015

Terror vocalist Scott Vogel suffered a back injury on stage that was bad enough to force him to fly home to have it examined. Vogel then had to miss the last two dates of tour (they were out with The Story So Far), but the Los Angeles, CA band carried on without their founding vocalist.

Said the band via Twitter:

“Last night, Scott (Vogel) injured his back pretty badly on stage and had to fly home to see how bad it is. We are NOT canceling tonight or tomorrow and our bass player David Wood will be singing. If you know the words please help us out and sing along. Scott sends his love and wishes he was here more than anything.”

There’s been no official update on Vogel’s injury since, or if this will interfere with their 35+ date European tour with Expire starting on June 19th. In addition to slew of touring, Terror will be releasing The 25th Hour, their sixth studio album on August 7th via Victory Records.


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