Scale The Summit’s guitarist suffer house flood, band cancel remaining tour dates

Posted by on April 18, 2016

scale the summit 2015A lot of things can go wrong when you’re on tour, like getting your van broken into in St. Louis, MO or getting your visa denied to get into Canada, but something we don’t hear much but can happen is suffering a house flood while gone. Scale The Summit is currently touring with Intronaut across North America but they’ve been forced to cancel the remaining five dates of their tour because the house of guitarist Travis Levrier’s home flooded in Houston, TX.

The band released the following statement about the cancellation:

“Hey guys – unfortunately, we will not be making the remaining 5 shows we have scheduled on this short headlining run after the Intronaut tour (Cleveland, Reading, Clifton, Toledo, Nashville). There is currently some insane flooding occurring in Houston and we just got word that Travis‘ house is flooded and several of our vehicles are completely submerged.

At this time, we need to deal with the situation immediately and we apologize for these show cancelations. We had a great run with Intronaut as well as our two headlining shows in St. Louis and Madison this past weekend and thank all of you for the support. We hope to be back soon – please help us spread the word as social media reach only goes so far.”

We’re assuming they’re talking about their personal vehicles they left parked at Levrier’s house before heading on tour, meaning all of them actually suffered losses with this flood.

Scale The Summit isn’t the only one that suffered some misfortunes while on the road, as it seems like Rings of Saturn’s drummer Aaron Stechauner also lost some gear from a parking lot where the band had their stuff. He set up a Gofundme to recoup some of the stuff stolen, explaining:

“So I had my $2,000 laptop with over $1,000 worth of programs stolen, along with $200 in-ear headphones and everything else in my backpack. If everyone on my Facebook donated a dollar to my gofundme I’d be pretty set! Haha but seriously as lame as that is, anything helps.”

Touring isn’t as easy is it seems. Best of luck to everyone on the road right now.

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