Pro-Pain Reveal Details About Their ‘Final Revolution’

Posted by on September 18, 2013

propainfinalrevolutionAlmost exactly one year after releasing their last album, Straight To The Dome, Pro-Pain have revealed the cover artwork as well as the track listing for their upcoming 14th studio album, entitled The Final Revolution. The cover artwork is a nice Che Guevara reference before a propaganda-style backdrop. The latest full-length record of the NYC-based hardcore band is a return to its old days, says vocalist Gary Meskill. They have been around since the early ’90s and he feels that, after some thrashier records, The Final Revolution marks a reboot of the fully fledged hardcore music of Pro-Pain.

Singer and bass player Meskill had not contributed the entire writing to a single Pro-Pain album since the days when Metallica decided that nothing else mattered and Britney Spears tought it was a good idea to hit her baby one more time – aka the ’90s – so in order to mix things up a little, he did all the writing by himself this time around. The album was written in his home in Florida, then recorded, mixed and mastered by Gurd’s V.O Pulver in his studio in cosy Switzerland only a few weeks ago.

The album will be released in three versions, the standard 12-track album, a digipack and a gatefold album, with the latter two containing some bonus material like posters, live tracks and two UK SUBS covers. The track listing will look as follows:

01. Deathwish
02. One Shot One Kill
03. Southbound
04. Problem Reaction Solution
05. The Final Revolution
06. Can’t Stop The Pain
07. All Systems Fail
08. Want Some?
09. Fall From Grace
10. Emerge
11. Mass Extinction
12. Under The Gun
13. Life’s Hard (live 2010) (bonus track on digipack)
14. Get Real (live 2010) (bonus track on digipack)
15. Party In Paris (UK SUBS cover) (bonus track on digipack)

The list sure reads like a revolution is underway, either that or it could be an alternative soundtrack to GTA V.

The Final Revolution is slated to hit US record stores on December 4th, but if you wanna have a chance to listen to their news songs earlier than that, they will also be playing a couple of shows in Meskill’s home state Florida next month.

[via Blabbermouth]

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