Poison And Motley Crue To Tour Together After All

Posted by on February 28, 2011

Back in November, Bret Michaels let it slip that he and Poison would be co-headlining a tour with fellow 80’s glam rockers Motley Crue. The only problem was that Vince Neil claimed no such plans had been made. Plus, Nikki Sixx seemed to have made it clear back in 2004 by saying “No way in fucking hell would we (Brides Of Destruction or Motley Crue) ever, ever tour with a fucking band like Poison…That would be the death of us… I will not be attached to that kind of fake bullshit…” So either Bret Michaels was talking out of his ass, or both bands have kissed and made up and Vince Neil is just the village drunk. Unsurprisingly, it appears that the latter holds true.

It has been officially announced that Poison and Motley Crue will indeed be co-headlining select dates together. Glam-punk legends The New York Dolls will be providing support. Dates have yet to be announced, however tickets will reportedly go on sale March 18. Poison will be celebrating their 25th anniversary, while Motley Crue their 30th. You can actually watch Bret Michaels making the “special announcement” on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight above (the entire interview will be aired on Wednesday night, March 2, at 9pm).

We’ll admit that this should be a fun tour to attend. But what’s going to be more fun than seeing these two acts perform within the same night is actually watching Nikki Sixx eating his own words night after night. Sure, Michaels has told reporters recently that him and Sixx have spoken on the phone together multiple times recently. But it’s still going to be awkward as hell for Sixx, but fun for us to watch him attempt to dig himself out of his own grave. That is unless this is Sixx’s way of saying Motley Crue is dead…?

We’ll keep you updated when more is revealed.


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