New music from Life of Agony could be without a record label

Posted by on July 9, 2015

It was 10 years ago when Life of Agony released their last studio album, Broken Valley on Epic Records. Sure, there have been some stops and starts for the band since then, but they’re still playing today. In an interview with Graspop Metal Meeting, vocalist Mina Caputo explained how the band keeps going.

Said Mina, on keeping things lean:

“We got no label. We got no management. We have no crew with us. The band decided last year, to eliminate everyone. We cleaned house. We don’t bring anybody. We go out completely punk rock style. We go out in a van. We’re like, fuck the bus companies. They’re a rip off anyway. So we do this shit totally punk rock. We stay really tight in our little collective group, and we’re having more fun now than we ever have.”

Mina then spoke of the possibility of new matieral:

“It’s a secret. You know… We can’t predict the unseen. We have spoken about some stuff. We’re shooting around some ideas, but [there’s] nothing solid at the moment. But we may pop out with a song or two. We’re not one hundred percent sure. We’re having a great time. [There’s] no pressure. We’re getting offers from so many different kinds of companies and labels that just wanna throw money at us. But we’re just, like… We don’t even know if we wanna be with a label. We’re tired of it. We make our money. We do all of these big shows in between the festivals. We’re selling out. We don’t need tour support. We don’t need anybody.”

Life of Agony’s last release was a live album in 2010,  20 Years Strong – River Runs Red: Live In Brussels, from their performance at Ancienne Belgique in Brussels, Belgium.




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