Metallica meets Sandman, the Metallica tribute band they almost sued

Posted by on December 1, 2016


As many indulge in glorifying Metallica’s litigious anti-Napster years, there are quite a few that have not noticed the significant changes since. Earlier this year, Metallica’s legal team sent out a cease and desist letter to a Canadian tribute band called Sandman. The letter was sent off due to the tribute band using “stylized logos” that ripped off their band’s. Meanwhile, Metallica themselves had no idea this was happening. Once they heard this news, they let it go and charged the tribute band a full dollar to use said license.  

When all is said and done, feelings remained unhurt as Metallica met up with the tribute band at their recent show in Toronto, ON and managed to take a photo. I guess you can say, there was No Remorse.  

When the peace has been made, the ironic factor is that the Toronto show on Tuesday November, 29th was the first event that did not include a live video feed. This was their first show in Toronto since 2009 on their Death Magenetic tour. However, a few fans managed to capture the event and post on YouTube. I went a bit beyond this measure and added as much as I could from the setlist which involved a few non-Toronto shows and some old performances. You can take a look at it here, if you’d like.

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