If there’s one food that’s lends itself to metal, it’s burgers. Anyone from Chicago knows about the amazing Kuma’s Corner (even Lady Gaga, who ordered a Judas Priest burger when she was in town). However, Kuma’s isn’t on wheels, so for the rest of us, there’s the Grill ‘Em All truck. Usually anchored in L.A., the truck features  burgers like the Behemoth and the Waste ‘Em All. Even though they’re mobile, for the most part, if you haven’t in L.A., you’ve been out of luck.

However, as part of a reality show featuring competing trucks, Grill ‘Em All have made it to the finale, which is luckily taking place in NYC. Seven trucks started out in San Diego, winding up in cities where they had nothing more than their telltale spices, and were forced to find fresh meat, bread, etc. In each city, the truck with the least amount of profit was sent packing until it was down to the final two.

Our friend Rev, who knows a thing or two about burgers, gave the truck high marks on his blog, Burger Conquest. We’re looking forward to giving it a shot this weekend, when the finale is filming. While times and dates for you to get your own metal burger haven’t been announced yet, we’ll definitely update you as soon as we hear about it via Twitter (you are following us on twitter, aren’t you?).