On March 5, Mayhem Fest will officially announce the “major special guest” set to appear on the main stage with Slipknot and Slayer. However, it’s been long believed that Motörhead will be playing the touring festival’s third vacant slot. And now we have confirmation for Mr. Lemmy Kilmister himself.

In numerous interviews, Lemmy has confirmed that Motörhead will indeed be performing at this Summer’s edition of Mayhem Fest. When asked by SF Weekly whether the band had any U.S. touring plans this year, Lemmy responded with the following:

“Well, we’ve got festivals in Europe in the summer and then we do the Mayhem Tour in July with Slipknot. But that’ll be a short set, too, then I guess.”

Kilmister also confirmed the news during an interview with 99.9 KISW’s Metal Shop (which airs in Seattle). Video of Metal Shop’s interview can be seen after the jump.

Even though it’s the worst kept secret, with the only reason why it hasn’t been officially announced yet due to Gigantour, this is still exciting news. Though we wish they would play a longer set, the addition of Motörhead makes this already stellar touring package even better. Seriously, Slipknot, Slayer, Motörhead, AND Anthrax all on the same bill? Is it July yet?