King Diamond potentially touring North America this fall

Posted by on June 13, 2014

Just last month we found out that King Diamond would be performing with other big names like Judas Priest at this years Fun Fun Fun Fest. From that news, we’ve all been secretly hoping this wouldn’t be the only date King Diamond would be playing, and now it seems that there might be a tour involved. Diamond’s last album was in 2007, and he hasn’t toured the U.S. in years.

King Diamond himself teased a potential tour during an interview in February, saying,

“It’s gotta happen next autumn. It’s got to happen, and with full production, with the full thing. If it’s done the right way, if it’s done in a way where we could have full physical production, even in those theaters where we play…”

Yesterday, Horns Up Rocks called the Best Buy Theater in New York City, which confirmed that King Diamond would be playing there on Tuesday, October 14. In addition, there is also a date confirmed for the House of Blues in Houston on Wednesday, November 5. As of right now, it seems just short of definite that King Diamond will finally be coming around the U.S. for a tour we’ve been waiting for. It might only be a matter of time before more dates are announced, and the tour officially confirmed. For now, take this with a grain of salt, but we should know something, probably within the next week, as to what the plans are.

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