Virginia’s favorite, Lamb of God has been taking some time off since their almost never ending tour cycle. The band has almost been constantly active since frontman, Randy Blythe was released from Czech prison, which almost left the band bankrupt. Fortunately, the band is now able to relax and take some time off but Blythe was recently on The Jasta Show and hinted that Lamb of God might be planning a big summer tour next year.

JJ: I’m hearing rumors. I think there’s going to be a big summer tour that’s going to happen

RB: I cannot say anything, and I gotta watch myself … I can neither confirm nor deny any rumors nor activities thereof of a bunch of dudes from Richmond, Virginia.

Jasta has been known for revealing tours a little too early and almost got Blythe to do the same. Hopefully, now that Mayhem and Warped Tour are gone, Lamb of God comes around this summer and brings a slew of awesome bands.

In the rest of the episode, Blythe and Jasta talk about the hardcore scene, aliens, public shaming and more.

[via metalinjection]