Whsummerslaughter-logoo’s your pick for Summer Slaughter 2016? Everyone’s got their guesses, but it looks like the tour just dropped a massive hint at who’s touring this year. The tour took to their Facebook page last night to make a semi-announcement. If the phrase “kill or become and cast down the heretic to get lost in the static” means anything to you, then it looks like Cannibal Corpse, Nile and After the Burial are touring this year. So far no dates have been announced, but we’re hopeful this isn’t some kind of sick joke. This would be After the Burial’s second consecutive stint on the tour, Cannibal Corpse’s second appearance, having first appeared in 2012, and Nile’s first. At any rate, let the speculation begin!

UPDATE: While an official announcement has yet to be made, Nile singer/guitarist Dallas Toler-Wade confirmed that his band and Cannibal Corpse were playing Summer Slaughter during an interview with The Metalist, saying:

“The next thing we got is Summer Slaughter in the States, we’re opening for Cannibal Corpse and so far that’s it. We were gonna do European festivals later in the year but decided to do Summer Slaughter instead so far the books are pretty open! We’ve been really busy since the release of the album we did the tour in Europe and UK last year with Suffocation. That went over very well, we went to Australia did four shows there and we did our American tour, we’re just staying busy like always!”

So expect that official announcement to come any moment now.

via [The PRP]