Iron Maiden Beats Justin Bieber On Tour

Posted by on July 30, 2013

IronMaiden2013_PosterThere’s a long list of people that would like to beat teen superstar and professional dbag Justin Bieber. Thankfully, Iron Maiden did just that, and Taylor Swift as well. Billboard reports that for last week’s box scores for touring, Iron Maiden had the #1 Hot Tours ranking for their European tour that ran from May 29 – July 13. The 14 dates grossed over $19 million, with 8 of them selling out. Taylor Swift came in second, making $18.2 million in only four dates, and Bieber was a distant third, grossing only $5.6 million.

This goes to show that Iron Maiden is more popular than ever 30 plus years into their career. Even without an album out, the band can still tour and sell out arenas worldwide, which is a testament to their fan base and their excellent live show. If Bieber is still selling out arenas 30 years from now, I’ll gladly eat my words, but I’d be willing to bet that he’ll be the 2043 version of MC Hammer.

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