Tour names are a lot like band names. The good ones are taken, and a lot of the bad ones are too. Also a lot of them are cyclical. For example, metal bands with “black” and something animal-related in their name are proliferating like pop-punk bands with numbers in their names were a decade ago. So on the heels of the “To Catch A Predatour” (awesome  name!), the Ghostbustour (pretty solid!) and the Harry PotTOUR (awful!), Zach and I came up with a few suggestions for future tour names presented without comment. And not for nothin’, but all of these are better names than “The Cool Tour!”:

Tour-retes Syndrome

Tour-i Spelling

The Shroud of Tourin’

The Vibra-Tour

The Cli-Tour-Us

The Don’t Be A Ha-Tour

The Jagermeis-Tour (not to be confused with the Jagermeister Music Tour)


Mas-tour Of Puppets


The Tour-Tilla

The Your Mother’s A Tour